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The Parliamentarian will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Chair the Rules Committee
  2. Strive to keep the bylaws of the SBCYD consistent with the aims and policies of the SBCYD;
  3. Propose special rules and amendments to the bylaws to be approved by the Rules Committee;
  4. May be called upon by the President or 3/5th of the voting members of the Executive Committee for the final interpretation of rules and/or the bylaws;
  5. Inform and remind members and Officers of procedural requirements during meetings and voting sessions;
  6. Oversee secret ballot votes that take place during Executive Board meeting;
  7. Oversee removed of Appointed Officers and impeachment process of Elected Officers;
  8. Remain as the objective non-voting member of the elected Executive Board.

To be considered for the position, please email with the subject line: SBCYD Open Positions: Parliamentarian