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If you are interested in joining one of the standing committees, please complete our Committee Interest Form.

Standing Committees

Executive Board (Chair – James)

The Executive Board is made up of all elected and appointed officers of the San Bernardino County Young Democrats. This committee is where officers are able to review and recommend changes to the bylaws, introduce policy, and take other recommendations to the General Membership for discussion and approval. The Executive Committee is tasked with steering the SBCYD in a direction that is both progressive and effective at producing change in our elections.

Finance Committee (Chair – Adam)

The Finance Committee is responsible for handling all expenses and finding ways to fundraise for the organization. Members of this club will be able to introduce fundraising events to the committee and implement them. This committee is a great way to get experience in budgeting, projections, and planning for various events and programs.

Communications Committee (Chair – Johnny)

The Communications Committee is a vital entity of the SBCYD. This committee is tasked with maintaining external and internal communications with the community and our membership. This committee is tasked with developing new ways to engage other into joining our organization, donating, or attending our events.

Political Committee (Chair – TBA)

The political committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with political campaigns, developing the SBCYD endorsement process, and organizing and mobilizing the SBCYD to engage the community and create a powerful force in the region to change the outcome of campaigns.

Bylaws/Rules Committee (Chair – Rachel)

The bylaws/rules committee strives to keep the bylaws of our organization consistent with the aims and policies of SBCYD. This committee makes recommendations on special rules and amendments to our organization’s bylaws/rules to make our organization more democratic and inclusive to our growing membership.

Policy Committee (Chair – Alex W.)

The Policy Committee is tasked with endorsing and/or developing policy with elected officials that would support the young people in our county. As our membership grow, so does our influence and ability to engage with community leaders and elected officials to bring about the change that is needed.