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Nestle Taking Water Illegally from San Bernardino Mountains, California Water Board Says

The California State Water Board has issued a 37-page report stating that Nestle lacks the necessary permits to collect large portions of water from the San Bernardino National Forest. This report, sent on Dec. 20th, comes after detailed allegations in 2015 made by the Desert Sun Newspaper that described how Nestle was illegally obtaining water and selling it via their water bottle brand Arrowhead without the proper permits and with little oversight to the effects to the environment and to the endangered species that used to occupy Strawberry Creek, including the Santa Ana speckled dace.

In the report, the Water Board provided several recommendation to Nestle for what they can do next, including applying for a new permit, in order to comply with California regulations, as well as laying out a timeline for the company to respond. Nestle has 60 days to provide a compliance plan and 90 days to submit an investigation and monitoring plan. Read it here: California-Nestle Report.

Since the drought, many water districts, especially those in San Bernardino County, have had to go to drastic measures to ensure residents have access to water, often raising water rates to keep up with demand since supply is still below normal levels. Yet, Nestle has only had to pay $524/year for the last 30 years and obtaining about 30 million gallons of water each year.

The San Bernardino County Young Democrats have long held the belief that Water is Life and that no corporation should be profiting millions to provide the world’s most precious life sustaining resource. If you believe the water is a right, join us as we press our legislators to address the environmental impacts and consequences from corporations profiting off of our water.