Statement from the San Bernardino County Young Democrats Executive Board: “Moving Forward with Integrity and Transparency”


Monday, June 5, 2017

Contact: Christopher Moffatt

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Statement from the San Bernardino County Young Democrats Executive Board

“Moving Forward with Integrity and Transparency”

At our June general membership meeting, the members of the San Bernardino County Young Democrats (SBCYD) unanimously voted to support Kimberly Ellis’ request for an independent, third-party forensic audit of the votes cast in the May 20th election for California Democratic Party (CDP) Chair. With the amount of distrust and secrecy coming from the White House and Congress, the nation looks to the California Democratic Party, one of the most progressive Democratic parties in the U.S., for guidance, leadership, and integrity as we push back and fight against the regressive agenda of this administration.

We are disheartened that the request for an impartial inquiry into the integrity of the election has turned into bitter in-fighting, the type that is normally seen between candidates of opposing parties. We understand that many in our Party would rather move on and accept the results, but we must recognize this as an opportunity to strengthen our Party by standing up for and keeping true to our integrity, democratic values, and party platform.

To be fully transparent, our organization, like many others across the state, was not unanimous in its support for one particular candidate, but showed tremendous respect and engaged in civil and respectful debate for the candidates and their supporters. Ultimately, we invited both candidates to speak at our general membership meeting in March. Kimberly Ellis, along with former CDP Controller Hilary Crosby, made the trip to San Bernardino County and captivated us with her energy and ability to speak hard truths that we all, as a Party, must face to be successful in future elections.

This past May, we were honored to send our largest delegation of Young Democrats from San Bernardino County, including 13 delegates, to the Convention. For many, it was their first time as delegates to vote for the future of the California Democratic Party leadership, platform, and policies. Although we knew the CDP Chair’s race was going to be close, we did not anticipate this outcome.

Nevertheless, California Democrats are democracy’s advocates and therefore demanding transparency, equity, and a fair process for candidates, delegates, P.L.E.O.’s, and the California Democratic Party as a whole, is walking the talk.




SBCYD Executive Board